Well done David Cameron for sticking it to Putin and the defeatist Ukip moaners who hate modern Britain – Telegraph Blogs

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This interesting article by Iain Martin in the Telegraph is a GOOD READ. Check it out!

via Well done David Cameron for sticking it to Putin and the defeatist Ukip moaners who hate modern Britain – Telegraph Blogs.

No doubt, President Putin will be briefed on this article and it is interesting to speculate on his thoughts.

Putin is interested in maximizing Russia’s geopolitical clout, and preserving his good name with the Russian people. He will be grateful that David Cameron did not attack modern Russia; he will be aware that David Cameron has dropped a few major clangers in his foreign dealings. To a hard-nosed, ex-KGB officer, President Putin will probably see David Cameron’s nostalgic, historical reflections of the UK as a sign of weakness.

As for David Cameron, he has done well not to upset anybody too much. Given the global media coverage of the G20, David Cameron was shrewdly trying to project the UK at above it’s fighting weight to the global audience; the G20 leadership know the realities of the UK’s difficulties.

So what next?

At the strategic level, David Cameron would be wise to build on the UK’s strengths and ruthlessly tackle the UK’s weaknesses. So far, David Cameron’s government has been essentially opportunistic and driven by Treasury constraints and inherently light on strategy.

With nobody able to understand Ed Miliband nor trusting him for stitching-up his own brother, David Cameron can perhaps still emerge as a formidable politician with a place in history?

Any thoughts?

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Clegg might be a pantomime act, but Cameron gave him the role – Telegraph

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 05:  (L-R) Prime Ministe...

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 05: (L-R) Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson are seen following Johnson’s re-election as the Mayor of London on May 5, 2012 at City Hall, London, England. David Cameron today said he was ‘delighted’ by Boris Johnson’s mayoral victory and praised his ‘very strong’ campaign and vowed the pair would work together for the good of London. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

This is an excellent article from Iain Martin in the Telegraph. I just picked it up from a Twitter  micro blog from Benedict Brogan, the Deputy Editor at the Telegraph. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

Clegg might be a pantomime act, but Cameron gave him the role – Telegraph

Let me give you a taister, with the following extract:

Privately, some other Tory MPs don’t rate their current leader as highly even as a mouse. “I’m afraid people sense he’s not got greatness stamped on him. And now he’s got Boris on his case,” says one. “There is no idea of where we are going,” says another. One young MP is even more bleak. “The guy is finished. Cameron doesn’t know what to do.”

For me, the question is:

If David Cameron is finished, just how long can he carry on?

It’s a bit like Tony Blair announcing that he’s not running for another term – suddenly, the power evaporates in a puff!

Surely, Boris Johnson, as a full-blown Tory PM , would attract some serious sovereign wealth inward investment? After all,  it would appear that Boris hasn’t seriously blotted his copy book like his fellow ex-Etonian, David Cameron. Also I suppose that Boris’ London Olympics halo won’t last for ever?

What do you think?

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