‘Recessions can hurt, but austerity kills’ | Politics | The Guardian

This is an excellent article published in the Guardian and I would recommend it as a “must read”. Check it out!

via ‘Recessions can hurt, but austerity kills’ | Politics | The Guardian.

The article quotes extensively from David Stuckler’s new book. Stuckler is a researcher at Oxford University specializing in the economics of health.

Here is a small quote from the Guardian article to give you a flavor:

So in this current economic crisis, there are countries – Iceland, Sweden, Finland – that are showing positive health trends, and there are countries that are not: Greece, Spain, now maybe Italy. Teetering between the two extremes, Stuckler reckons, is Britain.

The UK, he says, is “one of the clearest expressions of how austerity kills”.

It seems that the UK Government is once again in denial and the Department of Health is massaging the suicide statistics.

Any thoughts?

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