Gender Politics Return: A Simple Concept – SPIEGEL ONLINE


Feminism (Photo credit: AslanMedia)

This is a truly amazing article from one of Germany top newspaper’s Spiegel. It’s very much a MUST READ , in my view. Check it out!

Gender Politics Return: A Simple Concept – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Reading the Spiegel article, a number of thoughts came to mind which I am sharing below by way of emerging questions:

  1. Just how widespread is Feminism in Germany?
  2. What impact is Feminism having on mainstream German politics?
  3. How will German Feminism impact other EU countries, in particular, Southern European countries?
  4. Given the increasingly feminine behavior in the UK cited by John Gelmini, are we likely to see a rise in Feminism in the UK?
  5. How will increasing Feminism impact the UK’s political, social, economic and family life?
  6. Will Feminism become global or will the Chinese Yin and Yang philosophy prevail?
  7. What about Feminism and austerity?
  8. What about Feminism and the World’s wealthy, privileged and elite?

I don’t have the answers and would like to throw the questions open for public debate, given the growing importance of Germany’s influence in the World.

Any thoughts?

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