Germany ‘no longer attractive’ to US investors | EurActiv

EurActiv Germany reports that top American companies no longer see Germany as an attractive investment and the country is losing jobs as a result. It seems that, “Germany attracts attention, but it’s no longer attractive to investors,” according to AmCham Vice-President Frank Riemensperger.

Source: Germany ‘no longer attractive’ to US investors | EurActiv

Based upon Spiegel’s excellent article on innovation in Shanghai, I think that the EurActiv viewpoint has some traction.

Of course, the games not lost yet, and if German government policy towards investment and innovation was sufficiently aggressive, everything could still change.

Any thoughts on Germany stimulating investment and innovation?

Opinion – Economic growth: A rickety rebound | The Economist – John Gelmini

Economic Growth and the Production Possibility...

Economic Growth and the Production Possibility Curve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf has hit the nail on the head with this Economist article.

Once again, the world is too reliant on America doing the heavy lifting necessary for economic recovery.

Europe and the UK need to start looking beyond their shores for new export markets and the UK has to start making and selling things that people want whilst its corporate fat-cats need to start earning their keep, investing and doing some real work to justify their self imposed 21% pay rise just for not doing their jobs.

John Gelmini