Opinion – UN Ambassador Haley Explains How to Strengthen America’s Hand Against Iran in Nuclear Deal – Iran Focus – News & Analysis – John Gelmini

America’s hand is not strengthened and it will not be by the things Nikki Haley suggests.

Russia and China would take action if the Natanz nuclear facilities were attacked with thermobaric weapons and inspection regimes to ensure compliance are only as good as your ability to effect inspections.

As Dr Alf knows as well, Iran gained from the Iraq war which we and America initiated and we will have to deal with them and the Russians in any settlement on Syria.

Iran’s Achilles heel is the desire of its young for a better life and more Western style freedoms, so it is they who need to be worked up into a frenzy of anticipation, so that they effect regime change from within.

John Gelmini

North Korea and Iran Are Collaborating on Ballistic Missiles – Iran Focus News & Analysis

Iran Focus highlights that political analyst, Faisal Al-Shammeri, wrote an op-ed for Al Arabiya, entitled “North Korean nukes and the Iranian Nexus”, in which he discussed the troubling relationship between Iran and North Korea, and how, as a result, North Korea poses a threat to the Middle East.

Source: North Korea and Iran Are Collaborating on Ballistic Missiles

Most risk analysts seem to regard North Korea and Iran as separate risks. Surely, if North Korea and Iran form an alliance, the geopolitical risks ares compounded?