General election polls: Latest tracker and odds – Daily Telegraph

The UK’s Daily Telegraph reports that the final general election polls – all published before polling booths open – have given a last minute boost to the Conservatives, after a Labour surge that saw the gap close dramatically.

Source: General election polls: Latest tracker and odds

Now we must see if the polls are right. But it’s important to remember how wrong they were on the Brexit referendum.

The Telegraph article provides us with some useful analysis to consider as the results start to unfold.

Once the dust settles in the days ahead, all UK political parties will need some serious reflection. Most critically, both the major parties, Conservatives and Labour need to reflect on their leadership and their policies.

My wife and I are deeply dissatisfied with Theresa May and shall be voting Liberal Democrat in protest. We would like to see a UK Macron emerge out of the ashes of the 2017 election


A Hard Look at the Implosion of UK Healthcare – John Gelmini – Best Blogs Series

This blog was originally published in July 2013. But many of the issues are even more acute, ahead of the UK’s general election, so it’s worth revisiting.


This is the third of a series of “Hard Look” articles where John Gelmini has kindly been guest blogger.

In this blog, we take a hard look at the implosion of UK healthcare, both the National Health Service (NHS), and Community Care.  Below is a selection of John Gelmini’s articles, ranked by the number of hits with the most popular first:

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Any thoughts?

John Gelmini