Has the ugly side of Nationalism reached Scotland? via Telegraph

Nationalism and Culture

Nationalism and Culture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Look at the Telegraph front page and there are two deeply worrying stories:

  1.  Salmond accused of bullying top academic over independence
  2. Heckled Ed abandons Edinburgh walkabout

A look at the history of nationalism shows that it promises popular reform but behind it are ruthless leaders who want to suppress democracy and free speech.

Scottish voters need to think carefully about the dangers of nationalism. Either they can look to recent elections in Europe or for a more chilling reminder, look at Nazism in Germany.

Whilst I am no great supporter of Ed Milliband , David Cameron and Nick Clegg,  I believe that they have a right to be heard in a democratic society. Salmond seems to be increasingly prone to bending the evidence.

Apart from economic meltdown, Scottish voters need to think carefully of their liberties in a democratic society like the UK.

Let me leave an open question:

How far will the Scottish Nationalists go in suppressing freedom and liberty for the people of Scotland?