Opinion – How the US fracked OPEC: Oil enters new era – Sydney Morning Herald – John Gelmini

English: Keep Calm and Carry On UK government ...

English: Keep Calm and Carry On UK government poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let  me try to address Dr Alf’s question namely:

Who is to blame for motorists not getting the full benefit of lower oil wholesale prices? Is it the oil majors or governments with inflated taxation?

It is the owners of the major oil companies, the owners of products made from oil and the governments which they control.
This means in effect the Rockefellers and Duponts.

The NHS in the UK is funded out of Petroleum Revenue Tax and the “good causes” portion of National Lottery tickets.
The NI fund went into insolvency in 2000 and now because of hidden unemployment and so-called self-employment income tax receipts are down.

This is why the UK Government does not want petrol and diesel prices to fall any further and why it is secretly keen for legal and illegal immigration to go on rising. These extra people will do the jobs that the indigenous population refuse to do and will pay tax which the Government plans to use to fund the black hole in the Nation’s finances.

John Gelmini

Opinion: Richard Lambert and John Springford pour cold water on British euroskeptics’ economic arguments for leaving the EU via Project Syndicate – John Gelmini


English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf has identified an interesting article and having met Richard Lambert, I should be impressed by his arguments about the EU.

Sadly, the evidence is not so compelling, as none of the benefits promised by Ted Heath in 1974 when we joined the then EC have come true.

We were promised millions of new jobs, no more European wars and an ability to make the traffic lights stop in Beijing and Washington.

This has not happened and the person in the “box seat” is Angela Merkel. Germany controls Europe and the appointment of key figures in Europe. It has a better educated workforce than we have in the UK, a more equal society and a manufacturing sector.
It is efficiently run, whereas we are not, and unlike us, they are taken seriously by China, the coming superpower.

The UK has an unbalanced economy and should be focusing on South America and the MINT countries for exports but is not doing so.

The UK could also be an attractive tax haven, with fewer people in it modeled on Switzerland and Singapore, and with higher living standards for everyone.

We should engage with Europe as the Norwegians do as part of EFTA, stop the Barnett Formula, give the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish the hard word (either stay or go but no more free lunch) and become neutral.

Instead, thanks to David Cameron, who lacks negotiating skills or military power, we try to be all things to all people, and are are treated as a joke, even within the EU, plus being net financial contributors to the EU, an entity riddled with fraud on a massive scale.

The Chinese Prime Minister on his recent visit was more interested in meeting the Queen who has real power and controls the Commonwealth than he was in meeting Cameron.

Our biggest export market is the Irish Republic, which was originally one of the so called PIIGS and effectively a vassal state to Merkel’s Germany, so 50% of our exports which amount to very little are to a country which until recently was bankrupt.

John Gelmini