In the West, a Growing List of Attacks Linked to Islamic Extremism –

Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam

Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a must-read article from the NYT. Check it out!

via In the West, a Growing List of Attacks Linked to Islamic Extremism –

Following the latest tragedy in Canada, this NYT article links the dots and cites many examples of Islamic extremism in the West. Of course, there are moderate, law-abiding Muslim people living in Western countries but political Islam is on the increase. Personally, I fear that President Obama may well have been responsible for triggering the escalation in political Islam?



Opinion – Michael Gove apologises as Theresa May’s adviser quits over row – Telegraph – John Gelmini


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Dr Alf is correct, the problem of Islamic extremism and the parallel growth of an alien culture is bothering the UK public and politicians like Gove, May, Cameron and the rest of our supine political leaders need to take firm and decisive action.

The UK is a Western country whose laws are based on Judeo-Christian ethics not Sharia law. Sharia law belongs in Muslim countries not here and there should be no attempt by the Law Society nor anyone else to pretend that this alien system can operate alongside ours in the UK. Sharia compliant products can be produced, managed and sold using offshore subsidiaries of UK institutions but this must be the limit of it.

Extremist and rogue mosques, where it is proven that sedition and treason are preached, or where passports and false ID’s can be easily obtained, should be closed down, their charitable status revoked, and their Imans removed or deported, as applicable. Where sedition is preached, then the Treason Act of 1318, which is still on the statute book, should be rigorously applied.

I am against several of the wars, with questionable legality,  engaged in by the UK Government. But I recognize that UK  soldiers are poorly paid, poorly equipped and the rest of us, in the UK, have a duty of blood and honor to try and support them, once they have been dispatched into a war zone, and them and their families when they return. The Government and local authorities are in breach of that solemn obligation and so are those preaching sedition and treachery. Demonstrating in the street for a Global Caliphate is free speech but it needs to be confined to areas outside of major cities where it can be strictly controlled. People have sons and daughters in our armed forces who have died or are physically maimed, mentally scarred or rendered emotionally useless fighting in places like Afghanistan. We should support them by controlling these demonstrations and limiting the amount of reporting and platform that such people are given.

Local authorities must give returning soldiers priority with housing, even if they have drink and emotional problems, particularly as BAOR is to be abolished and the military housing stock here in the UK sold off to the private sector courtesy of the Annington Trust.

Then there is the question of dress, in particular, skull caps, flowing robes, niqabs and burquas. All of these should be banned in public but permitted in mosques and in people’s homes.We are not living in Pakistan nor Saudi Arabia, where such dress is the norm but are supposedly in a modern Western country, with its own traditions and culture. Therefore, in my view, these people should dress in Western clothing outside of the home and mosques. I maintain that 0ur politicians and local authorities are in abrogation of their duty to preserve that culture by favoring the proliferation of these forms of dress which are the bi-product of an alien culture.

Turning to faith schools, the easiest way to deal with them is to abolish all of them and then have religion taught in the home by parents or at weekend sessions similar to Sunday schools for Christians. Imans, like vicars, priests, clergymen, female ministers and rabbis belong in their respective places of worship as do nuns and lay preachers.

Schools should be places where the young are taught to become useful and productive citizens of our country capable of competing with anyone else on the planet. Religion and philosophy have their place in that process but it has to be done outside of prime learning time because the UK’s education system at State level is 44th in the world and our youngsters are in the majority of cases unemployable blockheads incapable of literacy, numeracy or intelligent communication.

John Gelmini

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