Opinion – Turkey, Europe to swap first groups of migrants – RIGHTS – Hurriyet – John Gelmini


I’m with Dr Alf, this so-called “deal” is a licence for

Map of Ottoman Empire (1900) in German

Map of Ottoman Empire (1900) in German (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Erdogan to print money, create more ISIS terrorists, allow the export of more Captagon and heroin and hold a sword of Damocles over the heads of Merkel, Cameron and Tusk.

Migrants will go into Turkey and in exchange for that in 2021 we have to allow Turkey into the EU which means that even without free movement of people the UK’s population will be 80 million apart from illegal immigration based on current ONS projections. We have to give Turkey £3 billion GBP a year, of which the UK share is already £0.50 billion GBP, enough to keep Port Talbot open for 18 months yet the Government has ruled out anything on that scale due to the cost.

Turkey will take in refugees but will have a built-in incentive to turn them into Turkish citizens also with free movement within Europe so that by 2025 all of them would be in Continental Europe or the UK. Turkey will be then able to argue that it needs more money to deal with new inflows of refugees and if EU leaders refuse it simply has to turn on the floodgates to apply pressure.

Some of the refugees are embedded ISIS terrorists which Turkey will train and unleash to further their ambitions to rebuild the Ottoman Empire and Turkey will make more money for itself by allowing heroin to travel through its borders and territory into Europe.

John Gelmini

Turkey’s tourism industry counts cost of unrest as holiday bookings fall by 50% | Travel | The Guardian

The Guardian reports that summer holiday bookings to Turkey have been significantly affected following a spate of recent attacks as holiday companies shift their focus to other Mediterranean countries.

Source: Turkey’s tourism industry counts cost of unrest as holiday bookings fall by 50% | Travel | The Guardian

Following the shooting down of a Russian jet, Russia has curtailed Russia’s tourist industry from visiting Turkey. Meanwhile, some of Russia’s largest outbound travel companies are diverting bookings to Cyprus for the summer of 2016.