Opinion – North Korea issue stuck in a vicious cycle: experts – Global Times

English: area map of Pyongyang Category:North ...

English: area map of Pyongyang Category:North Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China‘s influential newspaper, Global Times, publishes an insightful op-ed on North Korea. It reports that China on Wednesday reminded relevant parties to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions, which do not only include putting pressure on Pyongyang using sanctions but also peaceful and diplomatic means to resolve the issue.

Source: North Korea issue stuck in a vicious cycle: experts – Global Times

The article highlights the difference between Western and Chinese expectations on North Korea. It takes a dim view of UK Prime Minister‘s statement from Tokyo that China needs to do more to restrain North Korea. The article is also quite critical of US policy in relation to North Korea. [For a Western perspective see yesterday’s NYT article]

The Global Times article fails to recognize that North Korea is the aggressor and is potentially threatening innocent people. It’s also in bad taste to highlight Japanese children seeking refuge under their school desks – this is code for ‘see, the mighty Japanese imperial army has no teeth now’.

The US must defend Japan and Guam, so we need to be very careful that North Korean escalations, don’t either deliberately or inadvertently, commit an act of war. Escalation to war level is a real risk and needs to be effectively mitigated. Trump’s tweets don’t help international diplomacy.

I don’t see who’s going to broker ‘peaceful and diplomatic means to resolve the issue’, so are we looking at war?




Opinion – U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack – NBC News

English: Vladimir Putin

English: Vladimir Putin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I tend to agree with Dr Alf, Vladimir Putin is indeed more fleet of foot than most world leaders and he had cause not to like the Neocons and those in America who want to see Russia and China encircled and then dismembered in a 3rd World War.

Not liking someone or certain Western politicians is one thing but sitting in a darkened room and discrediting their electoral process to get the candidate you desire into office is to credit Vladimir Putin with powers that he does not possess.

The CFR chose Hillary Clinton as their favoured candidate three years ago and those who run it did everything in their power to create the outcome they wanted. Because in 2008, these same people caused the banking crisis and the mortgage foreclosure crisis that followed and were the same people who enthusiastically embraced the rise of China and of offshoring jobs, there were too many people left behind economically versus a few who doubled their money beyond the dreams of avarice.

Donald Trump mobilised about two million of these people, some of whom had never voted or voted in the past 20 years and by so doing created the margin for popular victory.

There was no need for Obama to have taken the supine position that he did with regard to Muslims but this vain and capricious man did so all of his own volition and all without any help from the man the West likes to demonise, Vladimir Putin.

We all remember the fairy stories of our childhood, particularly the one called Peter and the Wolf, the CIA and its spokespeople plus those who want us to believe that the moon is made of cream cheese have been crying “wolf” too often and are attributing powers to Vladimir Putin that he does not possess. They wish to demonise him to the point where people clamour for his destruction and for a major war so we should look dispassionately for evidence of culpability by Vladimir Putin before believing anything they say or write.

Even then we need to be wary because of all the previous lies “Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction”, the “Gulf of Tonkin ” incident which led to the Vietnam War and which later we discovered never happened representing just two in a very long list of falsehoods peddled in my lifetime.

John Gelmini