Can France liberalize pensions and labor under Macron? | Europe | DW | 17.06.2017

This is a good read from German newspaper DW. It reminds us that the French people have consistently opposed any liberalization of the labor market. It warns that now that President Emmanuel Macron wants to liberalize labor, trade unions have already called for protests.

Source: Can France liberalize pensions and labor under Macron? | Europe | DW | 17.06.2017

The article looks at the history of labor market reform in France and highlights the daunting task for President Macron. It suggests that effective communication is an important ingredient for Macron’s team.

I am less optimistic, having lived in France through strikes. Other French presidents started with powerful mandates but they failed to deliver radical change.

Having spent much of my career delivering strategic change, I am convinced that President Macron will need more than his election success and good communication.

One place to start might be a force-field analysis looking at the barriers to change and how resistence might be effectively countered.

Any thoughts on how President Macron might improve his chances of delivering labor market reform in France?


Opinion – Fear of neo fascism keeps Emmanuel Macron ahead of Marine Le Pen | World news | The Guardian – John Gelmini

Despite this Guardian report brought to us by Dr Alf, I think this French election is still too close to call.

The comparisons between Mussolini and Hitler and Marine Le Pen would be accurate if we were talking about her father the Holocaust denier and belittler.In her case troublesome Muslims and Jihadists seem to be the object of her disdain rather than anyone else.

Fortunately, the 1930s were a long time ago and the risks posed by Marine Le Pen are of a France trying to pretend that it can “punch above its weight” working with America to try and control Mali and mineral rich parts of Africa in preference to the Chinese who have just built a naval base at Djibuti.

Macron is still the favourite but if he does win the margin will be small and the Greek bailout and PIIGS problems still point to the splitting of the EU.

John Gelmini