Expert Research and Statistics Direct – House of Commons Library

If you’re tired of the bias in the UK’s mainstream media, sign up for expert research and statistics from the House of Commons Library, an independent research and information service. You can now have the  politically impartial briefings given to MPs of all parties and their staff. I’ve signed up. Why don’t you give it a try too?



Opinion – Theresa May Expels Russian Diplomats. But Now Comes the Hard Part – NYT

Here’s a very good article article from the NYT. It contrasts completely to the viewpoint presented by the Russian newspaper, Tass. The NYT article makes the point that Theresa May‘s strong language is out of alignment with her weak political position both domestically and internationally. It speculates that there’s limited international support for further sanctions against Russia. May is struggling to deal with UK domestic challenges with all her energies diverted to Brexit and her own political survival. Presumably, Russia will retaliate after the presidential elections – this could well include accusing Theresa May of meddling in the Russian election? Thoughts?