Opinion – How reliant is Britain on EU migrant workers? – The Conversation – John Gelmini

Dr Alf probably knows that EU workers are concentrated in areas of the economy such as agriculture, hospitality and tourism, where unproductive and often lazy British workers do not want to work and would rather turn to the dole or operate in the Black Economy.

Brexit was partially about the concentrations of such workers, in places like Huntingdon and Peterborough, and the ownership by Poles of recruitment agencies that primarily deal with Eastern Europeans and do not deal with UK workers because employers locally do not want them. Much of the objections to Remain were not really about sovereignty at all but were a backlash against the Government’s supine approach to radical Muslims, rogue mosques and the lax approach to border controls which has seen the number of illegal immigrants swell to more than 8 million. Hospitals, sink schools and local authority Social Services Departments rely on a mixture of EU migration and the importation of Indian doctors, plus and people from Africa to undertake workloads that the indigenous population is currently not able to handle. The issue is about productivity or lack of it from UK workers, the fact that it has fallen to 46% in the private sector and less than 37% in the public sector.

With fat cat pay for bosses, it is difficult to persuade people to do a fair days work so the politicians have until now chosen to sidestep the issue. Until they confront it, Dr Alf is right to say that there is little alternative to further immigration, but confront it they must otherwise we will have a population of 80 million people and rising but not enough infrastructure to support it.

Tough measures are needed:
1) Link fat cat pay to monitorable performance and end rewards for failure.
2) Bring Sir Philip Green to heel by compelling his wife to fund the BHS pension funds from which he clearly borrowed money before selling BHS to bankrupt and scoundrel Dominic Chappell for £1 GBP–Sir Philip runs all his other businesses very well so he knew or must have known the true financial state of BHS before he unloaded it.
3)Try Dominic Chappell for fraud
4)End the NHS, MOD revolving door; privatise the BBC
5)Fire striking train drivers, tube drivers and postal staff and legislate against strikes in essential public services.
Replace them with people made redundant from the Army and the Reserves until these essential public services can be automated
6)Insist on higher productivity for UK workers and make it harder for sacked workers who have lost their jobs for laziness or lack of productivity to get dole so quickly or at the same level Worker productivity at the Port Talbot steelworks has risen by 40% since the plant was threatened with closure and it has actually made a small profit while the talks between Mittal and Thyssen Krupp continue so with shock treatment British workers can be shocked out of their torpor but the political will has to be there and the political class have to lead by example.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Britain’s shadow cabinet suffers a mass resignation | The Economist – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is correct, Jeremy Corbyn has to go because he is a 1970s throwback to the bygone age of Trades Union activism in true “Dave Spart ” mode.

He is unelectable, has ideas which it is easy to disagree with but has one quality which his critics in the Labour Party will never have which is honesty and consistency of view.

With Corbyn what you see is what you get, a badly dressed left-wing firebrand, who has never grown up and has never changed his Socialist views.

He will go down fighting as a martyr to his cause and will try to get his friends in the trades unions to engage in “direct action” to put pressure back on to the Alan Johnsons, Umanas, Eagles, Leslies, Hodges, Benns and Hunts of this world.

The Government needs to have emergency legislation to stop strikes in essential public services before this happens otherwise it will be another “Winter of Discontent” which the City and major investors really will punish us for.

The Labour plotters need to form a new party to replace the old one to which they can attract Farron’s Liberal Democrats and possibly some metrosexual Conservatives who really do not know what the word Conservative means.

This will help concentrate minds in the Conservative Party to force it to select a new leader with the intellectual capacity required to provide new direction for the country, negotiate hard for EU reform if Article 50 is not to be triggered or negotiate good terms if the decision to leave stands.

John Gelmini