Tesco moves to calm Twitter jobs row – Telegraph

English: John Lewis, Cardiff

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This is an interesting story which I spotted over breakfast reading my Daily Telegraph. Check it out! 

Tesco moves to calm Twitter jobs row – Telegraph.

I have often questioned in my mind how supermarkets treat their staff and believe that there’s probably a coralation link to customer service.

Last week, I was shopping in the John Lewis store in Cardiff and we found the service levels from the staff absolutely outstanding.

Meanwhile, Marks and Spencer normally has high levels of staff service but I have found my local Bath store a bit problematic – many times, I have observed empty shelves in the food area or queuing at tills, whilst other staff are busy talking.

At the Bath Sainsbury, I frequently have to ask the staff to move their restocking trolleys.

To be fair to Tesco, the staff in my local Tesco Express in Weston Village, Bath, are outstanding!

These are just my personal reflections but it would be interesting to run a national survey? Perhaps, one of the national newspaper’s would be interested?