Economic path firm, despite lower growth – Op Ed – Editorial – Global Times

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This is an outstanding, must-read editorial article, in China’s leading and influential newspaper, Global Times. Check it out!

via Economic path firm, despite lower growth – Op Ed – Editorial – Global Times.

Personally, I lean towards the view prevailing in the Global Times, rather than the critical view of China’s GDP projections, prevalent in Western mainstream media.

China’s government has the power  to deliver higher GDP but has chosen to balance the risks. The Eurozone would love to be in this position. Remember in 2008, China responded to the financial crisis with unprecedented capital investment – China was more Keynesian than the Eurozone.

I wish that I was as confident about the Eurozone as I am about the quality of China’s economic growth.


Schumpeter: The emerging-brand battle | The Economist

This is an excellent article and a RECOMMENDED READ published in the Economist.

via Schumpeter: The emerging-brand battle | The Economist.

It will be interesting to see how established brands respond to the attack. Since 2008, too many large Western companies have been risk averse, sitting on cash mountains for too long and failing to invest effectively to secure their futures. The brand battles will be about much more than advertising; quality and innovation will be key, as will customer service but product cost will be paramount.  Also watch out for takeovers of under-performing giants in Europe.

Relationship between trade marks and brand

Relationship between trade marks and brand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any thoughts?

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