NYTimes: John McCain: I Choose the Kurds

John McCain

John McCain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s an excellent op-ed from Senator, John McCain published in the NYT.

Source: John McCain: I Choose the Kurds https://nyti.ms/2h59XLN

John McCain is right to support the Kurds. Sadly,  it reminds me of Kissinger’s agreement at the end of the Vietnam War,  the US government abandoned their ally South Vietnam.

Most importantly, McCain is right about a strategy for the Middle East. With ISIS deposed,  Iran is bolstering her influence.


We’re Journalists, Mr. Trump, Not the Enemy – Op-ed – Nicholas Kristoff – NYT


Here’s a brilliant, must-read op-ed from Nicholas Kristoff in the NYT in response to President Trump’s public attack on journalists in Phoenix.

The argument is powerful and the conclusion is chilling.

The bottom line is that with a ‘meglomanical leader’, it’s paramount that the ‘insitutional checks become a bullwark of democracy’.

Clearly, Trump neither understands nor has time for proper political processes. But the more he rants, the more he’ll be digging his own political grave. Come September, Trump will need the support of both Congress and the Senate to provide finance for the US government.

Let me ask an open question:

Will Trump take the US to the wire or will the GOP be forced to intervene?