A delightful two days in Zagreb, Croatia…Best Blogs Series

English: Crotram TMK 2200 tram (#2237) in Zagr...

English: Crotram TMK 2200 tram (#2237) in Zagreb, Croatia. Built 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Jelacic square in Zagreb, Croatia (1880)

English: Jelacic square in Zagreb, Croatia (1880) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Kaptol, Zagreb

English: Kaptol, Zagreb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dolac, market place in Zagreb

Dolac, market place in Zagreb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sadly, this morning we must say goodbye to Zagreb and drive toVenice, Italy. Last night Marilyn commented:

I really like it here in Zagreb and definitely want to come back and see more of Croatianext time.

We have had a wonderful two days, breaking our journey en route fromHungary to Italy. The centre of Zagreb is a delightful city, full of happy people, street life in cafes, good shops and many, many trams.

We stayed in a quaint boutique hotel in the city centre, adjacent to steps up the higher level historical city. The historical old town is really interesting, with many excellent museums and famous buildings.

Major attractions in the upper town include Ban Jelacic Square, Kaptol, Dolac, Tkalciceva, the Bloody Bridge, Radiceva, the Stone Gate, Opaticka, St. Mark’s Square, and Catherine’s Square.

We found an excellent restaurant called Agava, where we sampled some wonderful Croatian specialities and award-winning Croatian wines. If you happen to be in Zagreb, check out Agava and it’s good value too.

Time to get moving…