Opinion – The Guardian’s view on Labour’s customs union plan: realistic and smart – Editorial – the Guardian

Here’s an historic editorial from the Guardian. Let’s face it, Jeremy Corbyn‘s finally seeing common sense. But the reason that it stands out is because it compares his highly rational and reasonable proposal with Theresa May’s crass stupidity – she’s little more than a puppet these days. Thoughts?

Opinion – ISIS’s Austrian jihadi brides ‘have changed their minds and want to come home’ – The Times of India – John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses an interesting question to which the hard answer is “no they should not be allowed home ever”.

Firstly, we do not know whether these people have genuinely changed their minds or whether we are being duped into allowing back dangerously troubled people, who can be triggered into acts of violence by means of a telephone call or microwave message.

We saw the effect of this in the old black and white film the Manchurian Candidate which put forth as fiction what the CIA and the Russians have been doing for years with their mind control experiments at Montauk and at the dummy English village for KGB agents created in the old Soviet Union.

Much of the original work on this sort of thing was conducted by the Nazis and by people like Mengele who was helped to escape to Paraguay by the CIA, elements within the Vatican and the British under Operation Paperclip.

This is not a theory because the CIA kept saying that Mengele could not be found when pressed by the dead Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal, and the institute which still bears his name.

ABC television in a broadcast I watched in America whilst still living there tracked down Mengele to his house in Paraguay which had a twisting mile long driveway flanked on either side by dense jungle within a period of just 3 weeks.

The safety of the majority and the economic life of the nation is more important than any soft and misguided sympathies a wooley minded person might feel towards a teenaged girl.

John Gelmini