In Defense of EU Complexity – Carnegie Europe

This is an interesting article by Justin Vaïsse, director of policy planning at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and published by global think tank, Carnegie Europe

via In Defense of EU Complexity – Carnegie Europe

Personally, I strongly disagree with the author’s viewpoint. I worry deeply about the EU’s application of sanctions. Of the two cases cited, Iran and Russia, Russia is able to respond militarily. It’s not enough for the EU to argue that there are no military solutions to the Ukraine crisis, for example.

For me, complexity weakens vision, strategy and delivery. Major players like China and Russia will ignore complexity and cut to the chase.

Let me ask an open question:

Do you think that there is ever an effective justification for EU complexity?


Can the US LNG and shale gas come as alternative to Russian Gazprom gas in Europe? – Natural Gas Europe

This is an interesting story and well worth a read. Check it out!

Can the US LNG and shale gas come as alternative to Russian Gazprom gas in Europe?.

Once more it highlights for me that Europe does not have an effective energy strategy.

However, there is also room for serious reflection.

Clearly, it is in Russia’s economic interests to sell gas to Europe. At a simple commercial level, Russia has not been paid billions of Dollars for gas by Ukraine – for me this legitimate claim. Meanwhile, Ukraine is in severe financial crisis and dependent upon international handouts. “What happened to the missing billions?” – this is for another day.  Last week, the EU Energy Commissioner was hopeful of finding a solution between Ukraine and Russia – repaying the overdue billions, and starting the gas flowing.

Let’s hope common sense will prevail.