Labour leadership in turmoil over vote on UK military action in Syria | Politics | The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The left-wing Guardian reports that Jeremy Corbyn is in a minority as he plans to bypass his frontbench with appeal to parliamentary Labour party meeting on Monday.

Source: Labour leadership in turmoil over vote on UK military action in Syria | Politics | The Guardian

This analysis in the Guardian shows how extreme Corbyn’s views are. The idea that he will appeal to the Labour Party over his cabinet demonstrates his extreme weakness.

Surely in UK democracy the proper place for the debate is parliament and if a political leader does not command the respect of his MPs, then he/she should resign?


Opinion – Million Mask March: Anonymous protesters hurl fireworks and set police car on fire in London – Telegraph – John Gelmini

Plaque recording the location of the formation...

Plaque recording the location of the formation of the British Labour Party in 1900. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no divide between the politics of Jeremy Corbyn and those of the rioters in the million mask march.

This is because as Dr Alf will remember, Corbyn’s Trades Union backers, including Len McClusky and Mark Serotka, have said publicly, in advance of his election as leader of the Labour Party, and since, that they would use “direct action” to overturn trades union legislation, and anything else that they didn’t like.

Corbyn is positioned as courteous, reasonable and as time goes on, besuited, but those behind him have contempt for the voters, contempt for taxpayers and are intent on getting their way by shameful means.

John Gelmini