Two in three middle-aged men will be obese by 2034 – Telegraph

Junk food copy

Junk food copy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) wit...

Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) with Central Obesity, side view. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a must-read article by Laura Donnelly, Health Editor, at the Telegraph. Check it out!

via Two in three middle-aged men will be obese by 2034 – Telegraph.

OK,  the obesity level in the UK is not new. But the headline truly captures the rapidly escalating crisis.

Causes of obesity are well-known, like eating the wrong food, drinking too much alcohol and inadequate physical exercise.

At the national level, the increasing levels of obesity will put a massive additional burden on the UK’s public healthcare, which is already struggling desperately.

Surely, it’s time for radical measures to tackle growing obesity? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Obesity related medical costs are excluded from public healthcare
  2. The obese should pay more tax to cover their extra burden to society;
  3. Obese people should be forced to do national service, where their diet is controlled and they are forced to do physical activity.
  4. Double Value Added Tax on junk food
  5. Ban advertising of junk food


Fears over patient safety if ‘cut-price’ doctors hired from India – Telegraph

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a good article by Laura Donnelly, health correspondent at the Telegraph. It’s a GOOD READ. Check it out!

via Fears over patient safety if ‘cut-price’ doctors hired from India – Telegraph.

Personally, as a policy option, I think that it’s good idea hiring doctors from India, provided that there are appropriate safeguards to minimize risk to patients.

Similarly, the concept of sending UK patients to India for procedures is another good idea in my view – of course, with the necessary safeguards.

In my mind, why stop with medicine? I think there is a good case for outsourcing public services and off-shoring them to India and China, for example; this includes both local and central government – the only exception should be policy areas and areas involved with national security.

Let me turn this to an open question:

Do you think that the UK Conservative Party manifesto, ahead of the next election, should include widespread outsourcing and off-shoring of local and central government services?

Any thoughts?

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