Opinion – Neil Kinnock warns Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Stop Brexit to save NHS’ – Guardian/Observer

Here’s an important article in the Observer by Miles Savage, Policy Editor, citing remarks by Neil Kinnock. I never thought that I would ever agree with Neil Kinnock. For me, Kinnock always flew a false flag – built his career as a socialist but then the Kinnock family cleaned up with some gold-plated EU questions. But Kinnock is right to highlight that Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit strategy is wishy-washy. The bottom line is Corbyn has a brilliant opportunity to decisively take the lead on Brexit, and give us a vision of his potential leadership of the UK. Unfortunately, Corbyn is still a protest politician, unable to deliver change – he prefers to sow disruption and wait for the revolution. Thoughts?

Opinion – No wonder MPs are getting bored of prime minister’s questions – John Crace – Guardian

Here’s an outstanding must-read political sketch from John Crace in the Guardian. I’ve been debating with myself whether this is strictly satire. It’s certainly humourous in a rather sad, mournful way. But my big question concerns ‘exaggeration’ – I don’t think the article exaggerates and contains any ‘falsies’. Theresa May and to a lesser extent Jeremy Corbyn are wretched, funereal actors, letting others tweak their strings, desperately craving their moment in history. May and Corbyn treat Brexit like a national pantomime but surely history will bury them both with ferocious criticism? Thoughts?