Putin Rejects Socialism – Xavier Lerma – English pravda.ru

Pravda newspaper front page (around 1950s). Th...

Pravda newspaper front page (around 1950s). The head article title says: From the Soviet Leadership (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is currently top of Russian newspaper Pravda‘s most popular list. It’s a MUST READ.

via Putin Rejects Socialism – English pravda.ru.

The Western media often refer to tame hacks at Pravda, so it is interesting to see the position that Lerma has taken against the Western media. What is truly amazing is the extent to which socialism has been savaged in the major Western democracies in the name of austerity and yet this theme is not mentioned by Lerma?

Personally, I believe that this article is so popular in Russia because it throws some red meat to the Russian masses. To be sure, Russia is similar to the West in that there is an enormous difference between the top 1% and the rest of the population.

Any thoughts?

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