The Truth Behind the Greek Economic Crisis

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

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Image via Wikipedia

This video provides an interesting and extreme perspective.

It highlights the worst excesses from neoliberalism but, in my view, there is not really a viable alternative to the capitalist model that has not been discredited.

Perhaps it’s time for Third Wave Neoliberalism offering a more caring perspective? First Wave covered Regan/Thatcher and Second Wave Clinton/Blair.

I would have expected Obama to be the natural sponsor of Third Wave Neoliberalism but in my view he has been disappointing.

Surely austerity at all costs does not make sense?

It’s time for some Keynesian interventions short-term. Perhaps, Greece needs a Marshall plan – it would probably be equitable for Germany to invest in Marshall Plan 2.

If you are interested, earlier in the year I was speculating on the following hypothetical question: 

“Will David Cameron and George Osborne become the Pioneers of Third-Wave Neoliberalism, just like Thatcher and Reagan Pioneered First-Wave Neoliberalism?

What do you think?

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