My Best Blogs – Oct. 2015

Here’s a list of October’s top-ten blogs, rated by the number of hits:

  1. Government planning £7bn assault on ‘gold plated’ final salary pension schemes – Telegraph
  2. Opinion – USA – Chartbook of Economic Inequality – Max Roser
  3. Opinion – Violence instead of democracy: Putin slams ‘policies of exceptionalism and impunity’ in UN speech — RT News – John Gelmini
  4. David Cameron’s four key demands to remain in the EU revealed – Telegraph
  5. Bring on the hipsters – Gentrification is good for the poor | The Economist
  6. Iran Wades Further Into the Syrian Swamp – Middle East News – Israel News – Haaretz Israeli News Source
  7. The Military Escalation in Iraq and Syria – Editorial – The New York Times
  8. The Hidden Debt Burden of Emerging Markets by Carmen Reinhart – Project Syndicate
  9. Virtual reality maze ‘predicts Alzheimer’s disease’ – BBC News
  10. Putin dares, Obama dithers | The Economist

Self-employment | The Economist

Be prepared for a surprise when you look at these international statistics on self-employment published by the Economist.

Despite all the hype about land of opportunity in the US, it’s suprising how few people are prepared to take the risk and be self-employed.

Both John Gelmini and myself have had lengthy careers in international corporate life working for well-known multi-nationals. Then we reinvented ourselves and became self-employed.

For me personally, becoming self-employed was one of my best decisions.

OK you’re your own boss but you need to learn new skills in developing clients, supplier relationships and networking. Also your work must take priority – normal life may get subordinated.

With increasing technology, traditional jobs will disappear at an escalating rate. Career cycles will become shorter and shorter, even for highly qualified professionals.

In many major intersections in India’s major cities, the unskilled stand on corners hoping to get day-work to maintain their frugal lifestyle. With less social security, in twenty years time, this could be happening in major cities around the world.

Sooner or later, you will need to look at being self-employed as your traditional work options dry-up. Spread your risk now and look at self-employment before all your peers. Don’t just be another ‘Me too’, get ahead of the pack!