Opinion – Labour is facing an existential crisis, key Corbyn supporter MP Clive Lewis warns | UK Politics | News | The Independent – John Gelmini

Like Dr Alf I would identify with Clive Lewis’s comments despite never having been a Labour voter or a socialist in my life.

For me a socialist was someone I disagreed with but someone in the mould of the late Peter Shore or Soper the Methodist who at least cared about their causes and the people they represented with fierce passion. They could make a speech which came from the heart, not rely on notes, teleprompters and autocues and their foreign politics were shaped by real world understanding, not Dave Spart like protest fuelled by reading the Morning Star and Socialist Worker.

The public have moved on from three-day weeks, “beer and sandwiches” in number 10, “fraternal greetings” and men huddled around braziers shouting and they are getting heartily sick of £43,000 GBP a year tube train drivers and teachers from the NUT causing disruption and lost days at work for themselves.

Equally, they are tired of Blair style/Emily Thornberry style champagne Socialism, of the kind originally created by Ken Follett the novelist.

What they seek is a party which understands the modern age, which is relevant to them and has solutions for the modern age.

Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is not that Party and calls to “reconnect with the voters” will not work until the difficult questions about worker productivity, lack of business investment, executive pay rewards for failure and rewards for non-performance in post, worker laziness, lack of exports and non jobs are faced up to.

Looking around the calibre of politicians we have and the level of willingness of the public to listen to such messages is very low and I struggle to see the Hilary Benn’s , Eagle’s and Harman’s being able to create such a party of opposition.

John Gelmini

Why Jeremy Corbyn Is No Friend of the Poor – Newsweek

Newsweek publishes a damning opinion of Jeremy Corbyn. The article highlights how Labour’s latest leadership crisis reflects how Jeremy Corbyn has lost touch with the working class and poor of Britain.

Source: Why Jeremy Corbyn Is No Friend of the Poor

The article provides further evidence of the hijacking of the Labour Party. Ordinary working class Labour supporters need to wake up to what’s happened.

Of course, Corbyn is just an aging puppet and the anger should be targeted at the puppeteers.