Creation of LNG plant looks certain – Cyprus Mail

Map of Cyprus with EU flag

Map of Cyprus with EU flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Typical LNG process.

Typical LNG process. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important news article reported in the Cyprus Mail. Check it out!

Creation of LNG plant looks certain – Cyprus Mail.

I have one major problem with this news, viz. that the LNG pipeline is going to be financed by the Cypriot Government and partners. Financially, Cyprus is in crisis so where will the funds come from to build the LNG plant?

For me this is a classic example for a type of Marshall plan to stimulate investment in Cyprus, and the funding ideally should come from Germany and other Northern European countries that have benefited from the Europe. Also Northern Europe desperately needs an alternative to being dependent on Russian gas.

The EU spends a fortune on bureaucracy, so where is the EU’s energy policy and what are the plans to capitalize on Cyprus’ natural gas?


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