Opinion – The Guardian view on Grenfell Tower: Theresa May’s Hurricane Katrina | Editorial | UK news | The Guardian

The left-wing, UK Guardian in a shameful, deeply biassed, editorial makes politics out of the tragic London highrise fire. It argues that the London fire is comparable with the 2005 hurricane that devastated New Orleans exposing failings in leadership and a terrible disdain for the lives of the poor.

Source: The Guardian view on Grenfell Tower: Theresa May’s Hurricane Katrina | Editorial | UK news | The Guardian

At the moment, Corbyn is in favor with champagne socialists to whom the Guardian appeals – attacks on Corbyn and his shadowy sponsors are forgotten. The Guardian is comfortable to popularize the same bias as Momentum, the Far-Left organization behind Corbyn. But the risk of revolution is real, with radicals in the UK.

My friend and fellow-blogger, John Gelmini, repeatedly reminds me that the Guardian is not above dodging paying its full taxes.

Of course, Theresa May was clumsy at the sight of the fire. She’s not big on touchy, feely, along with her other problems right now. Both John Gelmini and I would like Theresa May removed as quickly as possible but we’re prepared to argue based on evidence and to respect proper process.

BUT let’s remember that years of Labour government is deeply tainted too. Did Labour politicians in central and local government not bring on their cronies in business? Labour had many years of input into Britain’s post-war social housing policies.

As an expert on strategic cost reduction, I have used  this blog to repeatedly emphasize that prolonged austerity is the wrong solution – it’s non-strategic and just results in reduced service and quality. Radical reform is the solution but the Conservatives have no stomach to be bold. Meanwhile, Labour’s policy of throwing money around had two benefits – lining the pockets of their corporate cronies and inflating public pay packets – but Labour too failed to look to strategic solutions, resulting in both ineffective value for money and poor service (based on international benchmarks).

Let’s not make cheap politics out of national tragedy please.

A full and open urgent public enquiry must be the way forward. Perhaps we need a judicial enquiry that’s above the grubby politics of May, Corbyn and Britain’s biased media?