Opinion – The Osborne Doctrine | The Economist – John Gelmini

George Osborne will, barring his demise, become the next Prime Minister.

As Dr Alf has highlighted, Osborne’ss approach to China is exactly right because we need to trade with them and other regimes, and to do that we must reserve our criticisms for private discussions, so as to save their face.

In any case, before we criticise we must be sure that we are beyond reproach and too often we are people in “glass houses” throwing stones.

The benefits cap brought in by George Osborne makes good sense because it clears benefits recipients out of London and expensive cities freeing up space for inward investors, the wealthy and job creators. That in turn creates a ripple effect throughout the rest of the country.

My criticisms of George Osborne are that he needs to limit the timescale of austerity by administering the medicine much faster and that more needs to be done to help exporters and encourage inward investment, greater worker productivity and a more enlightened approach to business risk by directors spending too much time sitting on their hands.

John Gelmini