German business bosses in post-Brexit trade warning for May – Sky News

Sky News reports that two business leaders cast doubt on claims Germany’s manufacturers will help to secure a good trade deal after Britain leaves.

Source: German business bosses in post-Brexit trade warning for May

The German business bosses know how to negotiate and keep their powder dry. Unfortunately, Theresa May and her three Brexit ministers have inflated egos about their ability to negotiate – they will lose out big time, and Britain will pay dearly for generations into the future.

What I don’t understand is that Conservatives MPs are surely not all stupid and must realize that a bad deal will make the Tories toxic for generations, possibly opening way to a Marxist government in the UK.

Are there no real conservatives left in the UK who can see through the scenarios of Brexit failure and subsequent Toxic Toryism?


Opinion – A sartorial scandal in French Parliament? The far-left members refuse to wear ties. – The Washington Post

"The Storming of the Bastille", Visi...

“The Storming of the Bastille”, Visible in the center is the arrest of Bernard René Jourdan, marquis de Launay (1740-1789), Watercolor painting; 37,8 x 50,5 cm Español: “Toma de la Bastilla”, En el centro se apreciaba el aresto del marqués de Launay Português: A “Tomada da Bastilha”, no centro se vê a prisão de Jourdan de René de Bernard, marquês de Laundry (1740-1789). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tired of Trump, the Washington Post is poking a bit of fun at President Macron’s consollidation of power in France. It reports that Far-Left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his allies go without neckwear for a political protest.

Source: A sartorial scandal in French Parliament? The far-left members refuse to wear ties. – The Washington Post

Let me make two observations.

Firstly, as a long-standing Francophile, it’s established practice for the French to go off on family holidays in the summer to return to industrial unrest in the Autumn. Macron has a political mandate to reform France but so did other presidents. Let’s wait to see how Macron fairs with the unions – democracy is one thing but street protest goes back to the French Revolution.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post needs to stay focused on President Trump. There are still unanswered questions about links with Russia – no doubt we shall be reminded this weekend, at the Hamburg G20, when Trump meets Putin for the first time. In terms of political leadership, Trump is under attack both domestically and internationally.

Perhaps the Washington Post should be reminded that France chose democracy over right-wing populism? Or if the Post is out of news this summer, it could focus on the UK where conservatives are frightened of left-wing populism bringing the first Marxist government to the UK?