Britain is educating its children for jobs that soon won’t exist – Telegraph

This is an important article from Mary Riddell in the Telegraph. Check it out!

via Britain is educating its children for jobs that soon won’t exist – Telegraph.

Whilst I agree with the overall argument about the weakness of Britain’s education, I tend to disagree with the main thrust of the argument from Mary Riddell.

I have never particularly liked Mary Riddell’s style of journalism. It always seems to be light on hard evidence and full of assumptions. For me, I also find her style rather disjointed too. I suppose I imagine her with headline and conclusion before anything else.

Riddell seems to be looking to the Labour Party as possible champions of radical reform of UK education. But surely Labour will not stand up to the Teachers’ Unions?

Sadly, Riddell is missing the overall point, a fundamental independent strategic review is required. It’s necessary to take full account of the context, focusing on both the demand and supply challenges for UK education.

Let me put the matter differently as an open question:

What will millennials and parents of millennials or younger children conclude from Mary Riddells argument and conclusions?

Any thoughts?

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Labour must step in to rescue a generation of doomed youth – Mary Riddell – Telegraph

Labour logo.

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This article by Mary Riddell in the Telegraph is WELL WORTH A READ. Check it out!

via Labour must step in to rescue a generation of doomed youth – Telegraph.

Personally, I have never liked Mary Riddle’s style of writing; she goes off at a tangent too easily and tends to be quick with opinion and light on evidence; most particularly, Mary Ridell tends to have no solutions. However, Riddle’s headline is a very worthy theme.

What is to be done about youth unemployment?

This question will be of major concern to young people, their parents and grand parents in the next election.

Personally, I would propose a radical solution:

Bring back National Service!

I was in Israel recently and quickly noticed Young people in uniform. Young men serve three years at the age of eighteen and young women two years. Many Israeli youth learn important skills in National Service.

For the UK, bringing back national service would have many advantages. It would:

  • Help teach young people skills that are relevant to today’s needs, including trades and public service
  • Help balance the savage cuts to the tri-forces
  • Force wealthy and privileged people to co-exist with ordinary youngsters from less advantaged background
  • Help deal with resource weaknesses in the Public Sector
  • Teach discipline and respect
  • Create a feeling of one nation
  • Break down multiculturalism

Any thoughts?

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