Further update on what’s trending on the MERS-CoV killer virus

Here’s the latest on what’s trending on the MERS-CoV killer virus via Storify. Check it out!


Recently, I reblogged a popular article from Russian newspaper, Pravda,  highlighting  MERS-CoV killer virus. This prompted me to use Storify to publish another blog on what was trending. I noted that apart from CNN, with its strong Middle Eastern links plus Pravda, that mainstream media sources were not reporting on the  MERS-CoV killer virus. BUT, why?

My earlier blogs prompted some lively discussion on Twitter. I also searched Twitter on the #MERS tag. I was also recommended to check Goggle News for my sources. Here’s a link to the Google News search on the MERS-CoV virus:


I still question why the MERS-CoV killer virus is not receiving more mainstream media attention?

Let me turn this to an open question:

What are the risks of the  MERS-CoV killer virus becoming a pandemic?

Any thoughts?

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Why are mainstream media & WHO not reporting on risks of MERS-CoV killer virus?

World Health Organization Regions.

World Health Organization Regions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used Story to identify the following articles that were trending on the MERS-CoV killer virus:


Apart from Pravda, not one mainstream media source if focussing on the risks of the  MERS-CoV killer virus. Why?

Let me turn this to an open question:

Why are the mainstream media & WHO not reporting on the risks of MERS-CoV killer virus?

Any thoughts?


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