In Defense of Fracking in the UK – John Gelmini

Lord Howell was right about fracking and he should not have backed down to the eclectic collection of Nimbies, Druids, environmentalists, pagans, Friends of the Earth, naysayers, gnostics, leafgazers,retired bank managers, farmers, former Page 3 girls, dog breeders, horsewoman, drabbies and Guardianistas.

But then this Coalition Government has a long record of making ill thought out announcements and then running away at the first sign of opposition only to apologise later and pretend to be in listening mode.

The facts of the UK’s energy position are stark:

1) The UK has just 4% extra generating capacity and is already importing nuclear power from France,gas from Vladimir Putin and has Wessex Water in Malaysian Chinese hands and Eon is owned by the Germans.

Wind turbines only work for 14% of the time are heavily subsidised by the taxpayer in England, burn out when the wind speeds are too high and are incapable of plugging the energy generation gap in time or at all.

Similarly,conservation /micro generation measures such as lagging,mini generation by windmills from Band Q, solar power, Combined Heat and Power units, better boilers, triple glazing etc are too expensive for the bulk of people without huge subsidies which are not affordable which is why many of these subsidies were cut under Chris Huhn the disgraced former Energy Minister before he was sent to prison.

2) The Government has had reports showing that far from warming the planet is in fact cooling and that this has been the case for the last 8 years.

This is part of a natural cycle which happens every 1,500 years when the earth in its elliptical orbit moves further away from the sun.

The cooling is evidenced by the harsh winters of 2002 when we ran out of grit and salt and had to import it from Egypt,the winters of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 when the snow remained unmoved until the middle of May.

The BBC as the main proponent of so-called “Climate Change” gets about 80% of its forecasts incorrect to the point where Tesco PLC refuses to use Met Office data and prefers to use American forecasts based on more accurate satellite data.

Recently, after the supposedly variable weather and the brief appearance of summer the Met Office claimed that this was due to a rare weather cycle repeating itself unexpectedly.

Then they went down to Exeter for an extraordinary conference which was not televised but held in camera and subsequently emerged to tell the waiting world that it was all down to “Climate Change”.

The 2 statements less than a week apart cannot both be correct so it is clear that because the original statement did not fit in with the current orthodoxy,that the Met Office conference attendees were made to agree “the line to take” before they emerged from their conference

3) Rising population, a spat with the Russians, a cold winter, the decommissioning and non replacement of coal-fired and nuclear power stations is going to bring back the blackouts we used to experience under the NUM when coal miners had the ability to turn out the lights year after year.

Even the high priest of Mother Earth Goddess worship,Professor James Lovelock who likens earth to GAIIA and who pushed that theory for years,has said we need to build nuclear power stations or the lights go out.

4) We need as I said in an earlier post ,to frack and frack now (with safeguards)and build new nuclear power stations and extend the lives of those we have.

If we frack in the North East where few people live then fair enough but the economic life of the nation cannot be held hostage to a vociferous minority of middle class NIMBIES in Balcombe and other places of little economic importance.

You can be sure that when the lights do go out and they will,that these “middle class protestors” will again be in uproar.

The economic needs of the country are more important than these people but if there are problems with Caudrilla proper compensation and redress must be forthcoming.

5)The Russians ,the food exporters overseas and the utility companies have already done well from colder winters and our lack of self-sufficiency in food and power to the point where the average family of 4 has less than £97 gbp in disposable income.

In addition, the utility companies are installing smart meters so that they can turn off power whenever they need to manage supply or load balance the power in the Grid.

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A Hard Look Beyond the 13,000 Needless NHS Deaths – John Gelmini 2/2


NHS BMW RRV (Photo credit: kenjonbro)

English: NHS logo

English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to clarify my earlier blog, entitled “A Hard Look Beyond the 13,000 Needless NHS Deaths“. In particular, I should like to address whether my response is colored by my activities in relation to and

My response should be seen in the light of the fact that the NHS delivers some of the worst patient outcomes in Western Europe, the worst cancer survival rates and some of the worst overall death rates.

The NHS does not compare with German healthcare, French healthcare nor the Italian healthcare  and it has far too many managers.

The NHS also does not generally allow outsiders without NHS experience to work in it nor assist it and is therefore a closed shop, a cartel and a mediaeval fiefdom all rolled into one.

I know how it works intimately having tracked 25 of my late parents’ tenants through its processes until they were pronounced dead prior to me arranging their funerals.

Also having to involve my excellent local MP in getting my local NHS Trust to deal with my late mother’s cateracts and knee replacements in a timely and proper fashion and again with my late father when the trust attempted to send him home early before he could have enough physiotherapy to enable him to walk prior to my sister and I being able to care for him in a demented condition until his final demise in 2006.

I also attended a “resolution meeting ” with 6 people having complained to the Care Quality Commission about my late father’s treatment and the attempts made by the Trust involved to discharge him early so as to free up the bed.

My late father’s final discharge was made during a blizzard predicted a month before on a long-range Met Office weather forecast.

During the blizzard a line of 22 ambulances waited with their engines running whilst ambulancemen and paramedics argued and physically fought on the fire escapes with nurses who had been instructed to remove the “elderly and confused ” patients from the ward in question even though a letter from the Trust said that in anticipation of the blizzard relatives of elderly and confused patients should bring warm clothing for these patients to wear.

As the blizzard descended in its full fury, each ambulance was literally swallowed up by a swirling wall of snow rather like the scene in the film Dr Zhivago starring Omar Sharif where the Russian winter swallows up the forlorn figure in a sea of white.

At the resolution meeting I attended all 6 people I met denied that these events which I witnessed first hand had happened, denied knowing about the letter and all 6 claimed not to know about the long-range weather forecast for a blizzard even though it was in the newspapers, most television channels and in the news available on computers every day of the year.

13 years ago my younger brother was told by the NHS that his cancerous condition was terminal and that he had 2 years to live.

I researched and found 42 alternative cures one of which is used routinely in Germany and using one of them my brother is still alive today.

Other people can tell you more heartrending stories than this including the former newsreader Selina Scott who’s father was left to die on a hospital trolley.

So whilst people might imagine this sort of thing is a one-off, I know otherwise and increasingly the public thanks to the tireless work of the Daily Telegraph is beginning to see the NHS for what it is, a bloated, inefficiently run anachronism in need of urgent reform.

Therefore the idea that what I said in my post is colored by my activities in relation to and is nonsense.

John Gelmini

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