Jeb hammers Trump’s ‘ridiculous’ call to ban Muslims | TheHill

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Barbara Bush, Jeb Bush, George H. W. Bush, Laura Bush, and George W. Bush, and Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller watch tee ball on the White House lawn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Washington political paper, The Hill cites Jeb Bush claiming, “He’s not serious, and he’s jeopardizing our ability to create a strategy to take out ISIS.”

Source: Jeb hammers Trump’s ‘ridiculous’ call to ban Muslims | TheHill

This short article by The Hill is worth a read.

For me though, Trump is a showman and not a serious politician – whilst he’s managing to influence popular opinion, his political skills remain untested. Trump has three options: win the Republican presidential ticket; go independent; or resign from the race – time will tell.



The fracking debate –

Against fracking 01

Against fracking 01 (Photo credit: Bosc d’Anjou)

The is an excellent article from the FT. Check  it  out!


The fracking debate –


Personally, being a passionate environmentalist, I am wary of the arguments in favor of fracking. I am particularly concerned about downside risks, like polution of drinking water.


Let me turn this to an open question:


Why should some country’s like France and  states like New York ban fracking, whilst others like the UK are encouraging it?


Any thoughts?

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