A stunning Sorrento and it’s peninsula – Marilyn and Alf

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Taking the slow road to Cyprus

Location of Procida in the Tyrrhenian Sea Location of Procida in the Tyrrhenian Sea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are about to leave Sorrento and its peninsula after three enjoyable days, heading South for the Amalfi Coast proper.

When we left Umbria, it was raining heavily, and rain stayed with us until we were virtually in Sorrento. The worst time was a cloud burst on the motorways around Naples, which was quite stressful driving as we watched in amazement, the Italians   zooming past  us, as  though only they had perfect x-ray visability of the road ahead!  After clearing the Naples area, the SatNav (GPS) took us on some very twisty narrow roads, all in this heavy downpour. However, as we descended into Sorrento the rain stopped for us, which was a good sign.

We spent three days in a very nice family run  hotel, high up in the hills, with stunning views of the Gulf of Naples. The owner of the…

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Some of Marilyn and Alf’s best photos on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast (Photo credit: robertschrader)

Check out the link below for some of Marilyn & Alf’s best photos, whilst visiting the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Once you open the link, we recommend that you click on the “slide show” towards top on the right of the screen


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