Opinion – Britain’s hidden epidemic of gambling addiction has been left unattended for too long – Op Ed – Tom Watson and Jon Ashworth – Huffington Post – John Gelmini

Lotto 5-4-3-2-1 logo in use from 2008 onwards

Lotto 5-4-3-2-1 logo in use from 2008 onwards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right but the Government is more interested in taking money from the stupid than it is in meeting the strategic challenge of gambling.

The National Lottery is a case in point, whereby the UK lottery is the only one on the planet where the odds can be scaled back after the event and where Professor Thorpe a mathematician was instrumental in helping Camelot PLC structure the Lottery marketing plan to take into account that people born at certain times would not choose numbers based on the letters of their first name thus ensuring smaller overall payouts from the Lottery and more money for the Government.

Monies from the “Good Causes” fund of the National Lottery and doubled ticket prices are plundered for use in the NHS and with bigger jackpots odds have been slashed making Lottery profits even bigger along with Treasury take.

The philosophy extends to fixed odds betting terminals in bookmakers shops which are a licence to fleece the unwary and the gambling addicted.

Slot machines in pubs with flashing lights and sounds are also encouraged along with gambling apps heavily advertised on ITV which allow the poorest to imagine that they are in Las Vegas instead of their squalid council flat.

In short gambling is viewed not as a social evil but as a source of voluntary taxation.

John Gelmini

Opinion – NHS bosses blame patients for being ‘fat and old’ as they plead for more cash – Mirror Online – John Gelmini

English: NHS logo

English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Heads of these NHS Trusts and Dr Alf are right, too many of their patients are grossly overweight and take too little responsibility for their own health and too many pensioners abuse the NHS on a daily basis imagining that there is a bottomless pit of money when in fact the NI fund became insolvent nearly 17 years ago in 2000. The NHS now runs on a mixture of Petroleum Revenue Tax (at risk because of electric cars, hybrids, LPG and greater fuel efficiency as manufacturers try to combat pollution and “Climate Change”), money plundered from the “Good Causes” fund of the National Lottery and increased ticket prices for the National Lottery.

The NHS itself is badly run, not fit for purpose and employs more people than any other organisation in Europe, rivalled in size by only the Indian State Railway System and the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army.

At its head are grossly overpaid and incompetent managers who bully, use gagging orders and when discovered or fired come back as highly paid interims and then go on to perpetuate the uproar, confusion and mismanagement whilst improving nothing.

The NHS needs to be replaced with a new fit for purpose structure, modelled along German and Singaporean lines and incorporating all the functions of local authority Adult Social Care.

To create the new model, interims from outside the NHS need to be used because the Big 4, McKinseys and NHS improvement initiatives have not worked and will never work because they are misconceived, muddle-headed and rooted in ostrich like dogma.

Grossly overweight pensioners, Adult Social Care recipients, recreational drug users, dole bludgers seeking PIP( Personal Independence Payments), smokers, vapers and the malingering work-shy, all need to be given the hard word and cleared out of GP surgeries and A&E units, where they gum up the system and cause genuinely sick people to be missed or treated too late.

John Gelmini