Labour leadership in turmoil over vote on UK military action in Syria | Politics | The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The left-wing Guardian reports that Jeremy Corbyn is in a minority as he plans to bypass his frontbench with appeal to parliamentary Labour party meeting on Monday.

Source: Labour leadership in turmoil over vote on UK military action in Syria | Politics | The Guardian

This analysis in the Guardian shows how extreme Corbyn’s views are. The idea that he will appeal to the Labour Party over his cabinet demonstrates his extreme weakness.

Surely in UK democracy the proper place for the debate is parliament and if a political leader does not command the respect of his MPs, then he/she should resign?


Opinion – Rebellion looms for Jeremy Corbyn after policy reversal triggers day of chaos for Labour leadership – Telegraph – John Gelmini

Dr Alf should not worry because the Queen has effectively neutered Jeremy Corbyn, by not allowing him to function fully as a Privy Councillor until he observes the necessary protocols.

Corbyn was apparently walking in Scotland and guzzling beer with his fellow” Dave Sparts” when he was meant to be going through one of these processes with the Queen and her other Privy Councillors, so he is now effectively ostracised and rendered “persona non grata”.

The rebellions in the Labour Party will continue until someone like Benn or more likely Umunna plunges the knife into Corbyn’s back and takes over.

Until then the spirit of the Whitehall theatre the age of Brian Rix farce and the early arrival of the pantomime season will continue to entertain us for a little longer.

John Gelmini