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The legislative triangle of the European Union

The legislative triangle of the European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A woman protesting weak protections f...

English: A woman protesting weak protections for whistleblowers at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf will recall that the EU, since its creation, has never once had its accounts signed off as correct.

Martha Andreason, an accountant employed by the EU, during the early years of Neil Kinnock’s time as an EU commissioner, as the then recently ennobled Lord Kinnock tried to whistle-blower some years ago.

Lord Kinnock whose wife Glenys, and their son Stephen, who had married the Prime Minister of Denmark, all worked at the EU, allegedly earning between them more than £1 million gbp.

Lord Kinnock’s response was apparently not to look into the allegations of fraud and malfeasance in the EU accounts but to sack and gag Martha Andreason for whistle-blowing.

Martha Andreason has now been forgotten but the lesson of her sacking has had the effect of frightening other whistle-blowers, who are now too frightened to challenge the EU’s accounts, which year after year after year, nobody will sign off as “kosher”.

Thus, the Mafia were allegedly able to plunder billions earmarked for stopping Venice from slowly sinking into the sea; German farmers, paid to not grow apples and to turn the land fallow, were able to carry on growing and selling apples but kept the money they were given for not growing them anyway.

Because nobody signs off the EU’s accounts, then the allegations crimes of  criminality and skulduggery remain unsubstantiated, un-investigated and are therefore just “allegations”.

If this happened in a public company, especially in the US,  the police would be called in, the Finance Director and the board would be held criminally liable and probably fired, imprisoned and disgraced.

The rules at the EU, and with UK MPs, whose expenses are bigger than ever, is apparently showing that crime pays and pays very well, unless you are caught.

It is time, not for a “turning over the tables of the money-changers in the temple moment”, dramatic as that was, but a top to bottom investigation by Interpol and locusts, like swarms of forensic accountants.

Routinely, all the bank accounts of EU Commissioners, MEPs, their wives, girlfriends, partners, mistresses, lovers, in-laws, family friends, children, and immediate relatives, need to be examined, along with any trusts and offshore structures and business interests they have, either directly or at arm’s-length.

If the result of that is a wholesale clear-out of miscreants takes place, then so be it.

Trust in the structure, if it is to be kept must be restored or failing that it needs to be abolished.

What we cannot have is a situation whereby if you are a fraudulent benefit recipient in North Hertfordshire, you are interviewed under caution, tried and imprisoned, if you owe more than £2000 gbp and subjected to additional fines, blacklisting  by virtue of your criminal record and a recovery order and costs. But if you allegedly plunder millions from the EU budget, nobody investigates and any sort of suspicion can be dismissed as an “allegation”.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Should the UK leave the EU – John Gelmini

English: A map showing European membership of ...

English: A map showing European membership of the EU and NATO. EU member only NATO member only Member of both Česky: Mapa zobrazující členství evropských států v EU a NATO. státy pouze v EU státy pouze v NATO státy v NATO a EU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf’s conclusion is intuitively correct provided that the arrangements with the EU can be renegotiated satisfactorily.

1) The EU provides for the free movement of goods, services and people yet it is obvious that poorer countries from Eastern Europe need to catch up economically before we can afford this provision in terms of housing, benefits and infrastructure.

2) The EU since inception has never had its accounts signed off as Kosher.

EU budgets are allegedly riddled with fraud, malfeasance and criminality – the leading example of which is the time when the Mafia apparently stole £6.5 billion Euros out an EU grant, part of which was designed to improve the flood defences for Venice and stop it from sinking into the sea.

Dr Alf may recall the sacking of Marta Andreeson by Lord Kinnock, when she tried to whistle-blow about irregularities in the EU accounts and the expenses of MEPs.

Since then Lord Kinnock’s silence on the matter has been deafening

3) The EU is applying new targets for land fill, pollution and carbon – all of which will mean that ordinary people can expect fuel bills to double by 2020. And 11.5 million diesel car and truck owners, plus owners of vehicles older than a 2005 registration, will have to pay more for fuel, higher road taxes and not be allowed to drive into cities.

This poses the question of how UK cities will run, given lack of housing for low paid and essential workers, lack of 24 hour public transport or adequate policing to ensure safety at those times these people would be commuting to their employment.

4) 75% of UK laws are made in Brussels by people we did not elect and effectively the EU is run by Angela Merkel.

Apart from this, Europe has to start doing all the things that Ted Heath told us would happen in 1974,the benefits of EU membership:

  1. a) We would avoid further European wars and meet collective threats collectively
    b) Millions of new jobs would be created by the Single Market of 550 million people
    c) We would gain greater influence in the world and people in Washington and Beijing would take notice of the European leaders when the “traffic lights” changed.


–The EU is effectively bankrupt, in my view, and has not created a single nett new job in 30 years

–Our military response to crises has been fragmented and as a result of Chancellor Kohl recognizing Bosnia and funneling several billion Euros to the Croats, we had the breakup of Yugoslavia and the Balkans War, complete with ethnic cleansing, concentration camps, subsequent war crimes tribunals, the trial of Slobodan Milosovic and his subsequent poisoning after Serbs had been given 1.6 billion in EU aid and just before he was about to call Tony Blair and Bill Clinton as hostile witnesses in his own defence.


Personally, I doubt it given his poor record and inability to either negotiate or send someone in his place that can.

Angela Merkel is in charge and holds all the high cards so even if he wins the next General Election and keeps his promise to negotiate(which is also in doubt given his record of broken promises),he will come away with little or nothing.


Someone else might do a better job than David Cameron but only if the Coalition wins and then not till 2017.

If Ed Miliband wins there will be no renegotiation so again it does not apply


The EU experiment has failed on any objective measure.

We should leave, become a Singapore style tax haven and ideally a republic or a constitutional monarchy with no powers for the Queen.

We should be neutral develop our own terminator robots, drones and space based weapons to deal with threats from militant Islam without the need to risk the lives of our troops.

We would encourage wealthy foreign investors to come here and have no overseas aid or EU budget contributions.

The Celtic fringe would be granted independence along with Cornwall and they would have to be entirely self-sufficient.

A sovereign wealth fund would be set up on Temasek lines funded by the sequestration of all Crown lands and monies(estimated to be £17.4 trillion gbp),except for the last £1 billion gbp.

John Gelmini