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In this excellent article the Economist claims that hostility to large-scale European Union migration could decide the referendum.

Source: Let them not come | The Economist

The article concludes that if Britain exits the EU immigration will only fall because of the resulting economic collapse.

I have always been and still am pro-Europe. I sense that for the UK to leave the EU would be an economic disaster. On the other hand, the UK is right to look to protect the UK’s interests. After all, France, Germany and Italy have a long history of profiting from the EU.


‘Dutch sandwich’ grows as Google shifts €8.8bn to Bermuda – FT.com

Parishes of Bermuda

Parishes of Bermuda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This MUST READ article is currently top of the FT’s most-read list. Check it out!

‘Dutch sandwich’ grows as Google shifts €8.8bn to Bermuda – FT.com.

The article highlights how Google has moved billions of Dollars of royalties to reduce payment of taxes.

With many people still feeling the pain of excessive austerity, and  much more pain likely from the global fallout from the US debt crisis, why is it that big corporations can effectively avoid tax? Are the Republicans protecting the likes of Google and other big companies?

Any thoughts?

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