Opinion – Has the ugly side of Nationalism reached Scotland? via Telegraph – John Gelmini

The answer to Dr Alf’s question is that Alex Salmond will go to almost any lengths to achieve his ends and his followers are simply ignoring and concealing the powerful numerical evidence that shows how people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are £3,500 gbp per head better off under the Barnett Formula.

They ignore free tuition fees, they ignore the fact that Scotland’s economy has never been self-sufficient in hundreds of years, and that from the time of the Highland Clearances and indeed from the time the Roman emperor Hadrian built his wall Scotland has never been economically self-sufficient.

About 55% of County council budgets, City council budgets and Unitary authority budgets are consumed by the costs of Adult Social Care, which everyone in England with total assets of more than £23,500 gbp including real property has to pay for in full.

A North Sea Oil rig. North Sea oil production ...

A North Sea Oil rig. North Sea oil production is centred on the waters to the NE of the Scottish mainland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Scotland Adult Social Care is free.

In addition, car ownership is higher in England, journeys are longer and we have more freight movements. We therefore pay more Petroleum Revenue Tax to the Chancellor per head than anyone in Scotland.

However, even that is not the whole story because the NHS since the year 2000 has not been funded out of NI contributions. The NI fund became effectively insolvent at that time (I saw the submissions by insurers in 1998 warning the Government that this would happen by 2000).

What has funded it is Petroleum Revenue Tax until the banking crisis and the so-called “Green measures” which forced up the costs of petrol and diesel.

These measures caused the car manufacturers to develop more fuel-efficient engines and the public to cut back on driving to the point where Petroleum Revenue Taxes fell by £1.83 billion gbp and then a further £2 billion gbp the year before last.

The NHS already cross subsidized out of monies plundered from “good causes” out of the Lottery then doubled the price of lottery tickets to bridge the NHS funding gap.

Even this is not enough because rising numbers of old people, obese people and demented people are going to cause a £30 billion gbp funding gap within 10 years.

The most unhealthy people in the country and the biggest drain on NHS resource per head of population are the Scots.

Adding in just these costs to those of the Barnett Formula gives every Scot a £6,500 gbp a year subsidy.

What do you hear about this from the SNP and Alex Salmond?


What you do hear is threats to repudiate debts, insistence that he is going to “share the pound” and statements to the effect that “we are a rich country and want 92% of North Sea oil revenues”.

The 3 main political party leaders to a man have failed to make these points forcefully, failed to call Alex Salmond’s bluff and are still prepared to give him what he wants at the expense of the English taxpayer.

It is time his bluff was called and for these useless and ineffective politicians to be given their marching orders.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Scottish independence: UK RIP? | The Economist – John Gelmini

English: The Salmond government Scottish Cabin...

English: The Salmond government Scottish Cabinet meeting for the first time around the Cabinet Table at Bute House, in May 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scotland‘s economy has never been self sustaining so what Dr Alf and the Economist are saying and have been saying are obvious statements of fact.

For hundreds of years people of Scottish descent have emigrated to the four corners of the globe for precisely that reason and there are now 80 million of them living everywhere in the world other than Scotland.

The Scottish population by contrast is just 5.5 million plus large numbers of sheep and cattle.

North Sea oil revenues are lower than Alex Salmond says they are by a very wide margin and salmon, whiskey, wool, fund management and tourism is simply not enough to make the difference.

Alex Salmond hopes that by promising armies of deprived Scottish benefit recipients he can get Labour voters to switch their allegiance to him and he imagines that he can get David Cameron, who is a useless negotiator, to make concessions which allow him to keep the pound, retain North Sea Oil and keep the Barnett Formula subsidies.

The numbers do not add up and the Scots must be told directly no more money and put up or shut up.

Either they want independence and are really on their own, or they stay as they are.

Scottish independence will cause a mass exodus, similar to the effects of the Highland Clearances and a lot of them will come south looking for work, whilst the best and brightest will go to Australia, Canada and America.

Alex Salmond’s bluff must be called and he must be exposed for what he is, a man determined to mislead, obfuscate and confuse for his own ends.

We are better off together.

John Gelmini