Numeracy crisis threatens to hold back UK in global data race | Education | The Guardian

This is a good article from the Guardian. It’s worth a read. Check it out!

via Numeracy crisis threatens to hold back UK in global data race | Education | The Guardian.

Personally, I don’t think that the Guardian challenges the teaching profession sufficiently. Also politicians and bureaucrats meddle too much with education policy.

Too much of the critical education debate is hijacked by left-wing teachers and lecturers promoting their own interests or pet cause, rather than focusing on the hard data of Britain’s deteriorating position in international education leagues. Have you noticed how the hard-left don’t like to back their arguments with hard-data, preferring dogma?

Surely, it’s time to replace the teachers with the best from overseas markets and drive up output standards?


Poor Numeracy ‘Blighting’ Millions Of Lives, National Numeracy Warns

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This is interesting. Check it out!

Poor Numeracy ‘Blighting’ Millions Of Lives, National Numeracy Warns.

This raises three questions:

  1. Why is basic numeracy such a problem with compulsory education to the age of sixteen, in the UK?
  2. Perhaps, there is too much bureaucratic focus on national curriculum and not enough on the basics, namely reading, writing and arithmetic?
  3. Surely the teaching profession should be held accountable?