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NHS Job Shop:

NHS Job Shop: “Working for Health” in Kentish Town. Closed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent, must-read article from the respected right of center think-tank, the Adam Smith Institute. Check it out!

via Myth busting: NHS not so efficient after all « Adam Smith Institute.

Here’s the conclusion:

The NHS under-performs on just about everything that matters.

The article carefully examines international evidence and concludes after each metric that the NHS performs ineffectively compared to international benchmarks.

Interestingly, the article does not venture into the policy alternatives of each of the UK’s political parties ahead of the election. This is an example of responsible journalism – it’s left for the reader to interpret the record and alternative policies of the different political parties. This is to be contrasted to biased reporting, like from the Guardian, for example.

The position of this blog is well known to regular readers. As an expert in radical transformation, I believe that the NHS is beyond reform and its a nonsense to throw good money after bad. Simply, the UK should create a new public healthcare system based upon the world’s best practice, like Singapore, Italy or Germany.


Nursing chiefs on £400k as frontline staff endures pay freeze | Daily Mail Online

This is a ‘must-read’ article from the Daily Mail, on the UK’s nursing ‘fat-cats, living off the NHS budget’. Check it out!

via Nursing chiefs on £400k as frontline staff endures pay freeze | Daily Mail Online.

The previous  Labour Government gave the nurses extra billions and the next Labour Government wants to start throwing more money at the NHS. Read this article from the Daily Mail carefully and you might conclude that NHS employees are in the NHS to maximize their own gain – patients are subordinated.

Don’t you think that these ‘fat-cat’ nursing payoffs are disgraceful as the NHS implodes in its patient caring responsibilities?

Surely, it’s time to stop throwing good money after bad at the NHS?