The Amazing Astronomical Clock Prague (video)

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Taking the slow road to Cyprus

Prague - Astronomical Cock Detail Prague – Astronomical Cock Detail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday we saw the Prague Astronomical Clock which is a truly amazing site. On the hour it attracts huge numbers of visitors with its own special show.

Check out the following video:

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Prague update – recommended the goulash and dumplings to three French tourists from Lille

Taking the slow road to Cyprus

Prague - Jerusalemer Synagoge Prague – Jerusalemer Synagoge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This evening we had dinner in an authentic restaurant in Prague – the prices are incredibly good value, especially compared to Frankfurt which is reported to be one of the most expensive cities in Germany.

To digress a bit, last night Marilyn couldn’t stop laughing at my choice of dinner in Frankfurt – a local Frankfurt delicacy – boiled potatoes, hard-boiled eggs and a sauce made of seven plus herbs – I can now understand why it didn’t get national or international recognition 🙂

Returning to Prague, we chose local specialities this evening, including pickled fish to start, washed down with a half a litre of the local brew, with goulash and two sorts of dumplings to follow! We got into conversation with three people on the next table – they were from Lille and they took up our recommendations. 

Afterwards, we started…

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