London Underground Line In Chaos.. Just Weeks Before Olympic Games

English: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson poses ...

English: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson poses for a photo prior to ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ on September 14, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 This story is rather embarrassing for London Mayor,  Boris Johnson, and I suspect that Prime Minister David Cameron has a few concerns, as well!

London Underground Line In Chaos.. Just Weeks Before Olympic Games.

It is indeed a wonderful thing to bring the Olympics back to London but the huge cost of the modern Olympics has turned many against it. It seems so far from its original concept of the Olympics. With the UK in double dip recession, and many feeling the pain of the Government’s unrelenting austerity strategy or unemployed, many people are questioning whether the huge cost of the Olympics could not have been spent alternatively on other more pressing priorities, like frontline healthcare services, medicines, care for the aged, etc. 

Sadly, very few Londoners will get near the Olympics and will be forced to watch it on TV. Many Londoners will be disrupted by the additional security and preparations for the visitors. Few Londoners will get the benefit of the extra spending brought by the foreign visitors. Finally, it is questionable how much benefit Londoners will get from the additional infrastructure investment, with gangs choosing to have turf wars on these new sites. Most of all, we pray that the security measures will be robust and the games go well.

What do you think of the preparations for the London Olympics?