Why “austerity” is still trending strongly on blogsphere? via Storify

With the mainstream media trying to turn the page on austerity, I used Storify to check out recent views on blogshere.


Clearly, political leaders and their sponsors in Washington, London and Berlin are still not listening effectively but the economic and social damage from excessive austerity continues.

Any thoughts?


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What’s Trending on EU Approval of Fructose as Healthy? – ex Storify

Hereditary fructose intolerance

Hereditary fructose intolerance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My most popular blog yesterday was a reblog of a Guardian article on this incredible story.

So this morning, I thought that I would use Storify to see what was trending as the story developed:


I wonder when the media will identify the lady with the enormous posterior, allegedly brought about by fructose?

On a more serious note, for me, the EU is, once again, seriously out of touch with real people. These are the same arrogant people at the EU who have destroyed family life in Southern Europe with excessive austerity. Meanwhile, Eurocrats are protected by gold-standard pensions and allowances, as well as salaries higher than public sector employees back home.

Surely, it’s time for Europe’s voters to hold the EU to task for their ineffective performance?

Any thoughts?

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