Commentary: Putin Sees Syria as Fight Against Islamist Extremism – SPIEGEL ONLINE

This is an excellent and thoughtful article from Spiegel Online. It’s a MUST READ article, in my view.

Commentary: Putin Sees Syria as Fight Against Islamist Extremism – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

This article focuses once again on the rebels in Syria.

Let me turn it to an open question:

Why should the West support Islamist extremists in Syria?


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UK Government’s Healthcare Policy? – Evidence from the OECD

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Yesterday, OECD published the Heath at a Glance Report 2011, analyzing countries’ relative positions against each other.  It is very powerful analysis and quickly raises questions for healthcare professionals and policymakers.

There are also a number of country specific summaries, including Health at a Glance 2011: OECD Indicators Key Findings United Kingdom.

For me there are three open questions:

1. Does the UK Government have the right policies?
2. Has national spending on healthcare being effectively deployed?
3. How will austerity cuts impact future healthcare outcomes?