Opinion – America is out of ideas in Afghanistan – POLITICO – John Gelmini

Afghanistan presents a conundrum for America, having planned to invade it as far back as 1999, long before 9/11 was used as the bogus excuse.

Dr Alf will recall the desire to build the Turkmenistan oil pipeline, the quest for lithium and copper totalling 6 trillion USD in the Aynak mine which 350,000 Chinese mine workers now work in and the ever-present spectre at the feast, the Afghan poppy crop.

History tells us that Afghanistan used to be part of India, so the Indian Government ought to be encouraged to send troops there, as the price for getting BPO/IT related work and call centre outsourcing from the West.

Pakistan is venal, corrupt and a breeding ground for terror, via the ISI , which is has links to the  Taliban. It is also China’s ally.

The US should talk to President Xi Jin Ping and agree a way to contain Pakistan and eradicate the Taliban, ideally using robots, rather than wasting the lives of young soldiers. Drones need to be used more widely to effectively occupy Afghanistan without such an overriding need to send more troops and Erik Prince of XE who has suggested replacing regular US troops with his security people should be listened to seriously.

America has not run out of ideas but, as the conqueror of Afghanistan, needs to impose its will more by clearing out the Waziristan tribal regions, punishing Pakistan with a full range of options, including cutting off aid if they fail to curtail the activities of the Taliban.

Afghanistan itself needs to be less corrupt and that may mean imposing “cleanskin” from the Diaspora as a puppet ruler.

John Gelmini

Opinion – China’s top paper says West stoking extremism in Middle East | Reuters – John Gelmini

Dr Alf raises a legitimate concern but the Chinese have put their finger on the true nature of the problem, whilst carefully not attributing true motives.

Obama and those in the PNAC plus the CFR want to reorder the Middle Eastern chessboard with the end-goal of causing Russia and China to split up and Africa to effectively be placed under their control. They cannot do this overtly because then the objectives would become all too plain to see and people sickened by endless wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen etc) and the actions of Muslim fanatics (ISIS,AL Shabab, Korosan, Boko Haram, the Taliban, Al Qaeda) would revolt.

So instead of more Western boots on the ground, they allow the fanatics to create trouble and take territory. This, whilst they stand back in Pontius Pilate like fashion and pretend to be concerned whilst doing as little as possible to stop the slaughter of innocents.

The objective of the Globalists is their so-called New World Order but the radicalized Muslims have an identical goal which is to create a global Caliphate and eliminate apostates,unbelievers and suffers(everyone else).

John Gelmini