Margaret Thatcher: Freedom fighter | The Economist

This is an excellent article from the Economist which I would rate in the the “must read” category. Check it out!

via Margaret Thatcher: Freedom fighter | The Economist.

Personally, I have always been an enormous admirer of Margaret Thatcher and once was privileged to meet her. I agree with the Economist that the UK, US, EU and China could benefit from a dose of Margaret Thatchet’s economic and political policies.

Any thoughts?

Margaret Thatcher

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David Cameron: Apprenticeships Are at the Heart of the Economy We Want to Build

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This is an interesting blog from UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, in UK Huffington Post. Check it out!

David Cameron: Apprenticeships at the Heart of the Economy We Want to Build.

Whilst, I do not necessarily disagree with David Cameron’s views on apprenticeships, I tend to feel that this article was written around a good-news statistic.

I saw David Cameron on Question Time last week and he was excellent, really fast on his feet, and witty too. Where I struggle with David Cameron, is on overarching vision and strategy – he seems far to much of a short-term operator, in my view.

Returning to David Cameron’s blog, I agree with his point about training being ineffective. There is is a huge training industry which seems to cream off profits from delivering inappropriate training and skills. To be honest, the argument could be expanded to cover the whole education sector, where the UK receives poorer quality results than many comparable mature economies.