Opinion: Unemployed in Europe Stymied by Lack of Technology Skills – NYTimes.com- John Gelmini

The older unemployed may be “hobbled ” by lack of technology skills but this does not apply to Millennials who have technology skills in spades but lack basic communication skills and basic literacy and

Alf Tupper

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in 1 case out of 5.

The reality and the Elephant in the Room is the fact that are 50 people chasing each job so irrespective of skills, attitudes, interview technique and CV preparation, tailoring of applications etc, there are simply not enough jobs.

Dr Alf is correct, more tangential thinking is required on the part of Millennials who may never work unless they start to view the planet as their marketplace.

The days when a man or woman could leave school and be assured of a job disappeared 25 years ago and are not coming back.

The politicians will not tell you this, business leaders will not tell you this, Chambers of Commerce, LEPs, Government Ministers and the parents of Mllennials will not tell you this because their minds are still in the past.

Everyone is reacting to events which have already happened, rather than what is currently before their eyes.

This represents a death wish for fighter pilots who follow Lt Colonel John Boyd’s philosophy of OODA/LOOP which is now used by the Pentagon as standard war-gaming technique. The acronym stands for:

  1. Observe,
  2. Orient,
  3. Deploy and
  4. Act

This can be used in business and one’s personal life, provided one is prepared to embrace the truth and act decisively.

Application of OODA/LOOP requires 4 steps:

1) People in civilian life need first to observe what is actually happening which is that like “Elvis leaving the building”, the jobs are off-shored, sometimes automated out of existence, and are being done in the Indian subcontinent, by motivated residents of the Pearl River Delta or by robots, expert systems, self replicating machines, 3D Printers or someone in the MINT countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria or Turkey) that is unknown to you.

2) Then they need to orient themselves to the new realities Dr Alf talks about so eloquently and decide what they can and should do.

3) Next it is a case of deploying skills in the new environment ,rather than the firepower of a fighter high in the sky over North Vietnam and earlier in Korea where OODA/LOOP saved countless lives

4) Finally it is a matter of acting as if it really was a matter of life and death rather than waiting for “something to turn up”.

Fortune favors the bold, the calculated risk taker and the person who can think and act in advance of events.

Waiting for things to happen as they once did is an exercise in futility and the only thing it will do for you is make you older.

Applying this insight will require new thinking and new ways of looking at things which the education system,the “Great and the Good” and society have not provided.

These matters will eventually become the subject of future blogs, webinars, toolkits and resources as Dr Alf and myself both feel passionately about giving the millennials a chance.

John Gelmini

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Opinion: Infographic-Oecd health at a glance 2013 ex Irish Times-John Gelmini

English: Ben Bernanke leaving the 2008 Bilderb...

English: Ben Bernanke leaving the 2008 Bilderberg Conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OECD Infographics are a telling way to see what the effects of austerity have been just as Dr Alf points out.

The trends are clear enough as well but we cannot put it all down to austerity which was a policy response to Europe’s and America’s malaise and to conditions which preceded the theft of taxpayer funds from the banks by those in ultimate control.

For years the West has existed on borrowed time and borrowed money and through the Club of Rome and The Bilderberg movement came up with the ideas of Globalisation and Climate Change.

This led to the outsourcing boom and off-shoring boom to India, the rise of China as the workshop of the World in the Pearl River Delta and a massive shift of wealth eastwards.

The remaining jobs here in the UK and Europe are, and have been, under threat from technology, lower productivity and the technological advance of China which the Bilderbergers (All of Europe’s leaders, the Prime Minister, George Osborne, Ed Balls, Kenneth Clarke, Heseltine, Miliband, President Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Bill Gates etc., etc. thought would take place in 20 years, but in fact, took just four, and before the engineered banking collapse by a margin of two years.

The Chinese have been busy building shareholdings in Western companies, buying them outright and buying up mineral rights and land on which to grow food in Brazil, Argentina and Cambodia.

Rightly, they fear Global Cooling, which is what the planet has been experiencing since 1996 (See the IPCC Report).

The banking collapse and the austerity designed to fix the damage has compounded a situation which had already started to unravel years before and Green taxes simply add to the damage by making it harder for the West to compete and export effectively.

As for the OECD‘s graphs and trends, they are worse than depicted because true levels of unemployment is understated and, if there is too much immigration from Eastern Europe, I predict Balkanisation, violence and a breakdown of law and order.

John Gelmini


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